OUR host families

Our homestay partners are carefully selected based on the following criterias:

what can you expect from our host families ?

Our host families host students because of their wish to meet new people, learn new cultures and make new friends. They will make you feel like you are part of their family. We interview our host families thoroughly before they are selected to be our partners.

Things we consider include their occupation, their interests/hobbies, their desire to interact with the students, and most important their reason to be a homestay. You can expect the homes of our host families to be in excellent conditions.

Your room and the home will have all the conveniences that a student would need. All our homestays are located close to a Bus stop or a Subway Station. If the homes are not located near a Subway station, the travel time to a subway station is usually less than 15 minutes via public transportation.

Your comfort and security is important to us, therefore all our homestays are located in safe and pleasant neighbourhoods. You can be confident that you will able to stroll the neighbourhood safely anytime of the day.

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